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Then Irwin devices in to ask if Dakin might be fair-shocked. Open Document. Below is a free excerpt of "The History Boys- Mrs Lintott Essay" from Anti Essays, your source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Mrs Lintott slots into the stereotype of the ancilla as she is witty and capable of interacting within the male world of the play.

She represents feminism and presents the idea that not all woman are simply sexual objects to be admired and hunted.

Mrs. Lintott: [incredulously] Somebody in your family went to Christ Church? Rudge: In a manner of speaking, my Dad, before he got married he was a college servant there.

This old, parson, who just been sitting there most of the interview, suddenly said was I related to Bill Rudge who was a scout in staircase seven in the ninety-fifties. Mrs.

Lintott says that Hector is better than most teachers at giving his students a sense of discovery. Here, Mrs. Lintott suggests for the first time that the way people write history has to do with their gender.

Bennett projects the theme of outsiders through characters such as Posner, the head teacher, Irwin, Mrs Lintott and Scripps.

Bennett also carefully chooses scenes in which to display the theme of outsiders. This essay will explore the theme of outsiders in act one of The History Boys. The focus of this essay is on how Bennett uses.

Irwin enters, and Mrs. Lintott says to him that the Headmaster is “a twat.” (full context) Mrs. Lintott asks Irwin if he thinks that Hector is a good teacher, and Irwin says he supposes that (full context).

Mrs lintott essay
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