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Management is directed by the Municipal Mayor with the help of the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office. A wide range of products like shoes, sandals, slippers, bags, baskets, wallets, pouches, belts, trays, placemats, boxes, tissue holders and many others can be crafted by Paniqui folks using stalks of dried water hyacinths.

Paniqui Water Lily Handicrafts | Dried water lily stalks woven into fine handicrafts became the livelihood of women, housewives, out-of-school youths, and senior citizens of Paniqui, Tarlac, Philippines.

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The production of the H2O lily baskets and boxes would be undertaken by the Paniqui Women Association and the PAGASA Youth Association both recognized and supported by the local authorities.

High quality cloth stuffs for fasteners. liners. rubric. water-proofing. and. Bythe Paniqui parish included Camiling and Pantol, aside from Paontalon which later became the town of Baruc or the present-day Gerona.

Camiling became a .

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